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One of the projects that have been keeping me busy of late is redecorating my bedroom. It's been several years since I last decorated the room and I'm ready for something fresh and peaceful. I'm only partly through the process {photos soon, promise!} but this week while contemplating side tables, I found myself drawn to repurposed library card catalogues.

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They have some of the charm of vintage campaign chests but with the added draw of a literature reference, which I think makes them more 'me'.

via Style by Emily Henderson

I think this one {above} is my favorite. Wouldn't it make the perfect side table? And those hairpin legs-- I die!

via Craigslist

A quick search revealed a few {very expensive} options on Craigslist and Etsy. They seem to range anywhere from $400 to $1000 plus shipping. Yikes!

via Etsy

Of course, I could attempt a variation on the ubiquitous Ikea Moppe hack-- I'd use these vintage brass pulls and these hairpin legs. It could work, no?

via The Painted Hive

And these are just the thoughts that came to me as I fell down the card catalog rabbit hole-- there are endless other possibilities as far as end tables/nightstands go!

What do you use beside the bed?


merelyLooking said...

Ohmigosh, the sideboard is to die for. Really, my heart beats faster just looking at it! Love the Ikea hack idea! Though I'd paint not stain - I really hate the look of wood stain on pretty much anything. Thanks for the post - you just totally revived my lagging decor mojo!

merelyLooking said...

Also, i really hate proving I'm not a robot - can they make those letters and numbers any more jumbled, tiny, and illegible?! Just sayin.

And .... what if I AM a robot? If Zombies have rights, I think robots should to0...Androids Unite!

ellen said...

I have an old card catalog from one of the Harvard libraries. I want to paint it mustard. It's on my list of projects.

Apis Melliflora said...

Whenever a card catalogue pops up at an estate sale around here, it's often one of the first items to go! But they are really, really cool... especially for a bibliophile like yourself.

Can't wait to see the room redo!

Liesl said...

Oh how I love crafty, creative ideas and DIY projects...so FUN! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, yours is lovely! :)

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