10 Days Until....

It doesn't take much for me to get all excited about October, what with fall weather, Halloween, scary movies and candy, but include a new season of The Walking Dead and I get positively giddy!

Over the summer, I introduced my parents to the series {they were intrigued by my enthusiasm. I didn't quite strike them as the zombie-obsessed type}. We stayed up late for weeks on end plowing through two seasons, then capped it off by going Zombie Hunting. :)

Before our Walking Dead marathon, we'd seen that the local hunting store carried zombie targets. Mom & Dad bought a few on a whim, and now we put them to good use! Dad added a bag of extra-chunky spaghetti sauce...

... and the results were both gory and hilarious!

I've never really fired a gun. Even with standing so close, I hadn't expected that it'd blow the zombie's face off!

What a shot!

Dad does his best Shane {Walking Dead character} impression. :) That spaghetti sauce really does look disgusting.

I was starting to get cocky about how not-painful the kick-back was until I tried to use the big gun. It about knocked me off my feet.

We shot until we ran out of both ammo and targets. :) It was awesome fun, and now that the new season is about to start I'm wishing we could do it again! Good times, good times.

{Also, wouldn't it be cool to project the season premier onto the side of an abandoned barn and watch it out in the open air? Super creepy!}

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Apis Melliflora said...

Good aim! Zombies beware!

I took a gun safety/ shooting class over a decade ago and I remember the shock of the kick back too and how the instructor said "Women always have better aim because they listen to the instructions; whereas the guys assume they know what they're doing."

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