Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween, all! As it turned out, we really enjoyed ourselves. It's hard not to, even on an off year!

My sewing machine is still broken {thanks to the teepee I sewed last Christmas} so we had to construct costumes out of no-sew materials. Enter the boy's request for a Lego theme, and our cardboard Halloween was born. :)

Except for Little Miss C, who was willing to be a Lego just because she's a good sport, but was obviously longing to join her friends in their Monster High theme. We searched high and low for a Laguna Blue costume at the last minute and she hasn't stopped thanking me since for caving to the pressure. She was a happy (if completely-unrecognizable-except-to the-tween-set) sea monster.

Things we learned this year: 1) People couldn't hide their disappointment that we weren't all dressed up. I guess we had quite the reputation. 2) Sewing is easier than cardboard construction. 3) It's nearly impossible to see out of a Lego Man Mask.

L ended up shedding the mask portion of his costume and was overjoyed at the freedom. He did, however, LOVE his little Lego Man hands. :)

Oh, and E won 1st Place in the costume contest at our Annual Halloween Spooktacular. Which sort of made all of this:

worth it. :) 'Til next year!


merelyLooking said...

Testing, testing.. (it's been eating my comments)

merelyLooking said...

Ok, here goes aqain...
Wow! Awesome artwork on those costumes, love! They're adorable! Those hands are fondonkulus! You should do a little circle close up of them on the group shot so it shows when I pin this. Little Miss C looks ecstatic! You've entered new waters as a fam and by the look on her face, you're navigating them well! :) (Oh, and thanks to spending the summer with her, I knew *exactly* who she was I'm cool with the tweener set like that....)

Apis Melliflora said...

Fantastic costumes....as usual. And here's what you did differently this year: you fulfilled your children's costume requests/dreams. What a wonderful Mom you are!

hAha said...

I keep looking at this saying, "I can't believe she is wearing your shoes, already!!!!" Awesome costumes as usual.

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