November Weekend

Oy. I've caught whatever it is that Baby R has and am feeling stuffy, achy, and generally miserable. Consequently, my grand plans for the next few days consist of:

1) soup
2) sleep
3) warm blankets
4) mindless television
5) more sleep

Happy weekend. ;)


The Dragonfly said...

I'm sorry you're feeling under the weather. Look at the bright side - your Kleenex box is way hip. :)

hAha said...

That was me last week. Missed all the festivities...:( hope you feel better! Miss you!

Singin' Heart said...

Wow, that sounds wonderful!!! Enjoy while you get better, if you can ;)

Amber - Binkertation said...

I know the feeling - take care of yourself!!!

Apis Melliflora said...

May your soup & TV perform their healing magic quickly!

The Queen Vee said...

Hope you're feeling less sneezy, drippy, achy and on the mend.

Nicole said...

So sorry you've got the bug. A few of our kids started sniffling this week and Joseph has a full blown cold now! Isn't it interesting how much worse it can be for adults! I'm a little sniffy, too, but holding on. Just got to find time to sleep. The costumes turned out great! I feel like we've had off years since we started school, but yours always seem to be amazing anyway!

Jessie said...

Hope you feel better now.

P/S: Please check your inbox. I have a lovely surprise for you!

Have a good weekend!


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