As always, my sudden silence was entirely unintentional. Life got busy-- but thankfully, in the best of ways.

J moved back in.

We won a free trip and spent Valentines Week on Grand Cayman Island.

E got baptized.

My brother, his family, and my parents all spent a week with us. We threw an indulgent Oscar Party and soaked up every minute together.

I'm spending the day cleaning and recovering from the excitement, but have every intention of returning tomorrow with the rest of the Stages of Grief feature. I still have much to say (and process) as far as the trials of the past year goes, and writing seems to be my best outlet.

See you then.


Apis Melliflora said...

Yahoo! Glad you've been busy and in a good way!

We're heading that way ourselves soon!

So excited.

Miggy said...

Hip Hip hooray. Glad to see you're back and things are going oh-so-well.


The Queen Vee said...

How nice that you won the trip, it's sounds like the prize came at the perfect time.

Thanks for sharing so much of your good news.

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