Time for a Change

A few months ago, this picture was my inspiration for cutting bangs. Of course, I love everything about that picture. The hair, the clothes, the makeup, the bone structure, the scooter-- if I could, I'd just BE her.


Since the fog of depression has started lifting {and thus, the urge to make myself invisible}, I'm taking a tiny bit more interest in style. I have a ways to go before I can fit some of my most fashion-forward clothes, but I can totally rock the hair for now. I'm thinking of going ombre {I know, so 2012}. It seems like a good way to get some of my blonde back {which I miss} while staying low{er} maintenance:

Is that the same model? I think I'm obsessed with her.

Where do you find yourself dipping your toes into fashion? Shoes? Jewelry? {Stuff that always fits!} I wish I was better about dressing the body I'm in, but part of me cringes at the cost-- it seems like a 'waste' if I'm planning on changing sizes soon. But perhaps that's just an excuse. After all, I'm skilled at taking clothes in, and the boost to morale when I dress my body lovingly and proudly can't be given a price.

Yep, pretty sure I'm fixin' to go shopping. :)

Happy weekend, all!

{image 1, image 2}

1 comment:

Crystal Hansen said...

you should come visit me and then we can do hair and go shopping ev.er.y.day

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