Stay Cool in the Stupid Heat

This is our last week in AZ before we leave to spend the rest of the summer with my parents. Not a moment too soon, because it is STUPID HOT this week-- so much so that I forget the hot part and go around saying, "It's just stupid out here!" ;)

We lost a chicken to heat exhaustion yesterday. We tried electrolytes, a cooling bath and plenty of watermelon, but it wasn't enough for one of the older hens. Poor Miss C was devastated. With temps pushing 112 today, we're putting ice in their water and setting up a water mister. Hopefully, that keeps the rest of ladies comfortable.

We humans, however, are huddling in the air conditioning, eating popsicles, and trying not to go crazy with cabin fever. This song is helping-- I love its mix of R&B with 50's danceability, and the message of body acceptance is awesome. Just what I need now that swimsuit season is staring me down!

Stay cool, everybody!!

{image by Evan Robarts}

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