Last Christmas

From the minute I tearfully declared my decision to divorce, my family has swarmed in to love, protect, nurture and sustain me.

They dropped everything. 

Half of them picked up and moved states to be near me. The other half has been helping financially and emotionally. All of them have been praying for me, talking with me, and giving the kind of empathetic, whole-hearted, essential support that brings to mind soldiers in the trenches together. I cannot imagine going through this without them. They've been indispensable. My soft place to land. My refuge.

We call it the Hansen Invasion, and I've never been so proud to be a Hansen.

Over the holiday break, we decided that it might be cathartic to make a Christmas Video after all.

Discovering who J really is has been the biggest disappointment of my life; but accepting who J really is has been biggest liberation of my life. I needed a song that encapsulated both the heartbreak and the resolve; the disgust and the freedom, the sorrow and the joy.

And that's how we decided to cover "Last Christmas" by Wham.

Enjoy it in all its 80's glory. :)

I have to mention that this was all shot in a single night after we'd put the kids {15 between us all} to bed. We filmed it using a half working Panasonic PK800 tube camera {like on Ghostbusters!} and a Nikon DSLR pointed at a TV. We wrapped up around 2am and none of us fully recall the events captured on film-- but it was a complete blast.

Every time I watch it, I gut-laugh and feel fiercely grateful for the abundance of good that the world still offers. My brothers and sisters are evidence of that.

Happy Christmas. ;)


The Dragonfly said...

Oh my freakin awesomeness!!! so over the top in its 80's nostalgia. I will be humming this tune all day and smiling each time I think of your hair in a banana clip!!!

Marci said...

That is amazing!!! Especially the hair though :-)!

joanna said...

i'm sorry for what you are going through. love the video. good wishes and prayers heading your way.

Miggy said...

Oh wow. WOW.

I can't believe that was a one night thing...and the film looks so 80's?! How did you get it to do that? Amazeballs. So grateful you have such good family near.

The Queen Vee said...

I just put the last puzzle piece into our 1000 piece Christmas puzzle from hell. Nice to end it with your Christmas video on 21 January.

Merry Late Christmas and may 2015 be full of new opportunities and peace in your home and heart.

Your rocked that 80's do.

Tisha said...

Ok, that was seriously impressive. I loathe that song but I agree it was perfect for this. You've got some really amazing support! I love the "porn kills love records". Spot on.

Apis Melliflora said...

Can't believe I missed this gem earlier! Very awesomely 80s. The hair!

Apis Melliflora said...

Can't believe I missed this gem earlier! Very awesomely 80s. The hair!

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