The Loyal Bavarians, Episode 1

Growing up, my family moved at least every two years. By the time I left home at the age of 19, I'd already moved twenty-nine times! But the last six moves and five teenage years were spent in the town of Leavenworth, Washington-- a breathtakingly beautiful bavarian-themed tourist town that I unequivically think of as 'home'.

To be a local in a tourist town is a distinctly unique experience; one that can be difficult to describe. That's why I love the new web series "The Loyal Bavarians". It's humorous and absurd and yet a completely dead on homage to the place that I love. I'll be posting one episode each day this week, along with some brief annotations at the end.


  • The outfits that Amsel and Wilda are wearing? I wore those when I worked at Cafe Rumpelstilzchen as a waitress and baker. {No longer in business, but hi Theo and Elsa!}
  • Woody Goomsba is-- to my chagrin and horror-- completely real. It was a video that went viral and brought drunken college kids to Oktoberfest, but did IN NO WAY represent Leavenworth. RIP Woody. 
  • All the exterior shots make me terribly homesick.
  • I recognize the Reinhardt's house-- it's on Icicle Loop. Nearby is where "The Sound of Music" is performed every summer.

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