The Loyal Bavarians, Episode 2

The second episode, "Baruch Wane", is one of my favorites! Having lived in Leavenworth myself, I can identify with Bennie being torn between the love of his 'Bavarian heritage' and his desire to usher in a more modern age.

When I was 16, we lived in a little house just off of the main street, which meant gingerbread trim, accordion music piped over outdoor speakers 24/7 and the smells of bratwurst and sauerkraut wafting through the air. For the most part, I had a fierce pride for my strange little hometown, but other times.... I longed to have a place where I could buy a t-shirt that didn't have a beer stein printed on the front.

  • I love that they're caught eating 'contraband' in the ally. Getting our first McDonalds in Leavenworth was quite the controversy-- it totally felt like you were a traitor if you were seen eating there!
  • Still, McDonalds was not where you went if you were craving American food. It was always the 59er Diner for burgers and shakes. It's the perfect BatCave for Bennie.
  • In actuality, The Castle Site is where all the city buses are parked-- but for years, my brother has wanted to build a real castle there. I love that he worked that into the script! {Take note, people! Leavenworth needs an IMAX theater and moat rides!}
  • "Gun ridden ally." *snort laugh*
BONUS! Episode 2.5!

Meet the Lost Boys of Leavenworth-- they claim to be the collateral damage of 'oppressive' theme towns. :)

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