The Loyal Bavarians, Episode 4

"Wilda's Good Fortune" is the episode where the Lost Boys really grow on me! {I laugh at "par-cow!" every. time.} And Wilda's absurd, but devastating discovery is completely entertaining.

  • This episode is jam-packed with nostalgia! I remember when they first put up the Maypole; I've been to the Nutcracker Museum several times; and even the shot of the hanging flower baskets being watered makes me think of summer days on main street.
  • Wilda is handed a fortune cookie by our good family friend, Sister Bailey. Hi Mary Lou!!
  • Truffles the Bear sits outside of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, which, until I was nearly 20 years old, I believed was exclusive to Leavenworth. He really is chained to the bench because people keep stealing him!
  • I love that the Lost Boys are shown in the gazebo, because that's exactly where the 'bad boys' always hang out! Ha!
  • If you're going to eat your feelings, Leavenworth is the place to do it. Pastries, chocolates, and sweets galore. I used to walk to the Taffy Shop after work and get a free sample of their latest flavor creation, and the Danish Bakery has the best cream horns. Yum.
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