The Loyal Bavarians, Episode 3

"Amsel's Day Out" is my favorite episode. I love how super sweet and innocent Amsel is, and the way she elevates Jessie as a result:

  • The lookout point that Jessie takes Amsel to is the top of Icicle Hill. I used to run that hill every day! I still miss the view.
  • "He looks like a stalker!" is a completely improvised line and makes me remember how common it felt to have adults of all ages invested in you and protective of you. That kind of community feeling is authentically Leavenworth.
  • I'm kind of sad that the Tattoo place didn't show up until after I moved away. It certainly adds a younger vibe.
  • In the outtakes, you get to see the alpenhorn being blown on top of the Enzian Inn, which has been a fixture of Leavenworth for as long as I can remember! Also, the Enzian has the most amazing breakfast buffets. Go. You'll thank me.
  • I am secretly in love with Klemens. 

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