Spring Cleaning Update

Remember my spring cleaning list? I took a gander at it this weekend and realized that I've already checked half of it off! To think, if I'd never written it all down, I'd have gone on with my life feeling harried and stressed. Instead, I get to take this opportunity to revel in accomplishment. In the spirit of full disclosure, I do have to say that I ended up paying someone to wash my windows. Jared repaired the kid's ceiling fan. And my brother installed the fan in the playroom. Still. I bought it. :) Cheers to an *almost* clean home!  {image via Real Simple}
  • Have carpets steam cleaned
  • wash floorboards
  • wash all walls
  • wood polish on all furniture and cabinets
  • paint touch-ups through out the house
  • dust and repair wood blinds
  • use leather conditioner on the sofa & loveseat
  • clean oven and microwave
  • re-caulk linoleum in bathroom
  • scrub out all trash cans with bleach 
  • buy a screw for the loose screen door
  • dig out all weeds from lawn and spray with weed killer
  • repair kid's ceiling fan
  • install ceiling fan in playroom
  • wash shower curtains
  • wash all windows, remove and wash all sun screens
  • wood protector on gate to the backyard
  • clean out and wash the car
  • replace window tinting on the car
  • plant backyard landscaping

1 comment:

Janae said...

I'm trying not to be jealous. I haven't made a list of spring cleaning stuff yet, and woops, it's almost summer. :) I know if I write it down that I'll feel obligated to do it, so I'd better get to it. Way to go!

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