Summer Finds

Since I had the baby, I've pretty much lived in sweats and pajamas. I usually do that to myself until I can fit my regular size again, then I'll let myself buy clothes. It's a cruel form of punishment designed to make myself hate the body that has gone thru so much to bring a life into the world. I don't know why I do it. Going to Mexico necessitated the purchase of real clothes, and I cannot believe what a difference that has made to my self image! I feel like a woman again. These are some of my favorite purchases. Patent leather sandals from The Loft. In white. They remind me of the enamel bracelets I like, especially with the cute silver buckle.

A cute little sundress, also from The Loft. I've always been a summer dress kind of girl. Mine is just like this, only in a pattern of white, navy and kelly green. I couldn't find it online since I bought it on clearance.
I wear it with this cropped cardigan. I thought I'd buy one in white, but the green matched perfectly and was so bold and refreshing. I love having color in my wardrobe again. So, moral of the story is, Stacy and Clinton are right when they say, "Dress the body you have, not the body you wish you had!" Also, go for well made clothes. Old Navy just wasn't going to cut it. I know it's made me feel about 10 pounds lighter and twice as girly.

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