I'm quite taken with the snowflakes Marian Bantjes drew for the Saks Fifth Ave catalogue. Look closely- some are like ribbons, others antlers, people, and houses. Beautiful.

Seeing these makes me want to draw a bunch of my own and have a gallery wall of snowflakes to display during the holidays.

Is it silly that I would buy something at Saks just to get this bag?

Oooh, the hat is on sale for $25. Too bad it isn't even remotely hat weather around here. :(

But it's ALWAYS jewelry weather! Aren't they fabulous? It would cost as much as my house, but I'd like one of each, please. 

{found via Black.White.Bliss}


LisAway said...

Those snowflakes are GORGEOUS. Wow. I bet those bags are doing great things for their sales!

Spymommy said...

Just got back from a trip to NYC and saw the windows at Saks with my kids - the whole theme was based on a children's story about a snowflake named Mike. It was very clever and this catalog reminded me of it.

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