Starting Fresh

After successfully achieving so many of my 2008 goals, I'm excited to pen a fresh list for 2009. Here are a few resolutions I have in mind: 
  • Run a Marathon {this month!}
  • Wear color
  • Entertain- host an Oscar Party, Dinner Party and Halloween Party
  • Fill the walls with art
  • Stay out of debt and contribute more to savings
  • Romance! Get a babysitter and go out on a date monthly
  • Fold laundry immediately after washing it
  • Attend the Temple {bimonthly}
  • Whisper
  • Set up separate boy/girl bedrooms by August
  • Remember this
Whatever your goals, I wish you success in this New Year. {image via}


Kristina said...

"Fold laundry immediately after washing it"

Oh, I commiserate with you on folding laundry. Hate doing it. Hate. It. This is also a running goal for me.

Happy 2009!

tharker said...

Your list and my own could be almost identical. Especially the laundry...

I've never read your whisper post, so I took a quick peek, and I need to thank you! I too have been praying for a way to stop the constant yelling and fighting that goes on between the kids.

Of course, when I'm honest with myself, I know that it all comes back to me. I'm a yeller. I don't want to be, but when I'm tired and stressed (as all mothers get) I allow it to happen. Thank you for reminding me that it all begins with me.

I am going to start whispering today, and see how it translates to my childrens' behaviors (and voices) over the next week. Thank you, thank you!!!

Happy New Year!

LisAway said...

Great list! My dad had a goal to run a marathon last year (he only started running maybe two years ago) and wrote his kids an email saying that he wasn't able to run that marathon but he did run a 756 miles and plans to run twice that this year, and hopes to be able to do that marathon. I wrote him and told him that I'm pretty sure that 756 miles is quite a bit MORE than a marathon.

Rebecca Frame (soon to be a Clark-got the diamond(s) to prove it)!! said...

...i really enjoy reading your blog...i appreciate the words that you use to describe in your posts...thanks for sharing.

marcee said...

Great list, sista! I am impressed! All great aspirations and totally doable. Way to go on the bimonthly temple. I haven't braved that one yet. We have successfully gotten our monthly goal down pat so I am teetering on upping it. Not just yet, though.

And I LOVED your post on Thin! I never saw that. And just so you know, even those of us that fit more in the Audrey category long to look a little more feminine with some curves, dangit! :)

Scottkids said...

Do you ever get sick of people telling you how much they like your blog? I kind of feel like a stalker, but I enjoy your blog alot.

You make me want to expand my vocabulary. I like that you use words I have no idea what they mean. I will expand my vocabulary this year.

Just dropping in to say Hi, and that I am ~still~ reading!

I like your resolutions, and you are CRAZY if you ever think you are not thin!

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