The Ice Cream Truck

After being away for four nights, we were excited to see the kids again. Nana and Grandpa sent us home with a container full of change to give to the little ones, which they used just hours after we pulled into the garage-- on the ice cream truck.

The ice cream truck must make a killing in our neighborhood. It seems to have the uncanny knack of showing up minutes before dinner time, just when all the children are outside burning off the last of their energy. We've tried to teach ours {especially Little Miss C} that they can buy a whole box of popsicles for the price of just one from the ice cream truck, but the music draws them in anyway.

Ah well. That's the joy of summer and childhood. At least this one's the grandparent's treat. Thanks Nana & Grandpa. :)

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The Dragonfly said...

My husband offers to drive the kids to the store to buy an entire gallon of ice cream for each child when they hear the ice cream truck, but they are always disappointed they can't spend $3.50 on a sickly popsicle anyway. Weirdos. :)

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