Sunburst Mirror

I love this Glenna Jean Nickel Starburst mirror. I don't love the price. {$170!} You know what that means: project time.

I managed to get my hands on an old point-and-shoot digital camera for a few days. The images aren't the best, but at least I can share a few of the projects that are keeping me occupied of late. :)

First: replace the above mirror. It was given to us as a wedding gift. I silver-leafed it myself, and have tried to make it work, but for years have felt that it was just too large and out of place in our house. I remembered seeing this post on Three Men and a Lady, and decided to do something about it.

Unfortunately, Home Goods, Ross, TJ Max, Pier 1 and even Target didn't produce a good, round mirror to use as a starting point. So I made a go of it from scratch. {I'm nesting and am impatient that way.}

Bamboo Skewers in two sizes: $1.98. Round mirrored candle stand: $2.99. Small can of spray paint: $3.89. A little patience and a mini hot glue gun {already owned} and voila!

A new mirror for under $10.00! I'll still be keeping my eye out for a convex mirror to make the scale a little more grand, but for now I'm happy. :)


annie said...

that looks so amazing! and i love that dresser. and we have the same cradle....do the screws come loose on yours too?

LisAway said...

Awesome! I think I like yours better! That is excellent.

lizbonj said...

LOVE IT!!!!!

The Dragonfly said...

As soon as I saw the sunburst mirror I thought to myself, "She could SO make that!" Looks fantastic! Although the shadow of the little statue from the picture with the old mirror is pretty awesome! :)

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