Welcome October!

With October comes Halloween {and the promise of cooler weather, though I'm not holding my breath}. After feeling cheated out of the holiday last year, we were eager to decorate and plan costumes for this year.

We started by hanging bats everywhere.

The silhouettes look great when the light is turned on.

I've been meaning to collect books with great Halloween titles and covers {i.e. Interview with a Vampire, Something Wicked This Way Comes, etc} but until then, I bought some Macabre Dust Jackets on Etsy.

A surprise nestled among the glass bingo balls. We replace it every so often since L has discovered the eyeball is chocolate. :)

J thinks I should hang a skeleton from a noose on our Halloween Tree centerpiece, but I think that may be a bit morbid. Thoughts?

Our haunted Cool-Aid men make a comeback!

And I finally found something that makes me look thin. Ha. :)

Now to finish the costumes! Luckily, I only have to sew one from scratch, as opposed to the year we went as The Incredibles. Nice.


LisAway said...

I love it! Can I live at your house this October? The wreath is really nice with just a tiny orange to complement all the black and while you have.

I think the idea of a hanging skeleton is a great one, but I have to agree it's a little dark. :)

The Wingnut's said...

go with the skeleton! love your wreath.

merelyLooking said...

Lol about the apron! Guud won.

hukolb said...

Nobody does Halloween like the Fosters! Can't wait to see your costumes this year! As for the skeleton, I guess I'm with you on the morbid, but perhaps the kids will think its fun?

Apis Melliflora said...

We have a lot of skeletons & skulls around here. It's the one scarier thing we allow. Have you ever seen Disney's 1920's skeleton dance? Skeletons can be funny too. Bats look great!

Janae said...

I love your style. It reminds me of this quote:
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. -Leonardo Da Vinci

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