In With the New

After just barely surviving last year, I'm eager to make the most of the new year ahead of me. I'm filled with ambition-- clean closets! Host parties! Paint walls! Print photos! Lose weight! Sew clothes! I'm telling you, the fervor of spring cleaning doesn't hold a candle to the energy I expend setting goals and attempting projects each January. Here's a bit of what I have planned:
  • Run a half-marathon
  • Lose that last 15 pounds from pregnancy
  • Paint all the main living area walls
  • Paint trim
  • Paint front door
  • Paint kitchen table
  • Paint cabinets? Maybe?
  • Print photos and make a gallery along the stairs
  • Double the size of my art wall {paint at least two new canvases!}
  • Replace door to boy's room
  • Host one party {not counting kid's birthdays}
  • Sell maternity clothes and baby stuff
  • Raise new batch of chickens
  • Improve harvest from our garden
  • Take a family vacation {San Diego?}
  • Buy a pair of Eiffel Base Shell Chairs
  • Sew curtains for my bedroom
  • Help children sort and donate some of their toys
  • Get out of debt
  • Resume daily scripture study
Okay, so most of that is decor related. I can't help it. In fact, I've already started:

The paint chips on the left are ceiling colors. The ones on the right are wall colors. They kind of look purple-ish on my monitor, but trust me-- they're more of a bluish grey.

And these are for the front door. J thinks they all look the same, but pshaw to that! I see a huge difference, and have already made my selections. Guesses?

PS- The Christmas lights are coming down today. Funny, I'm always so excited to put decorations up, then am equally excited to take them down!


Rae said...

Great goals! I hope we'll get to see you accomplish them on your blog this year!

I'm with you about the decorations. Our lights are coming down today, along with the snowflakes on my ceiling. And the tree? actually came down Christmas night so I could reclaim the living room.

LisAway said...

I LOVE your 2011 collage! What a fun idea.

Your goals all sound great. Can I visit you at the end of the year and see your house? :)

Good luck with the goals and I quite like all the paint colors you chose. . .

merelyLooking said...

I give up - what colours are you leaning towards? I like the bottom ones on all - but it's hard to tell by pictures. You'll have to tell us the swatch names. Are they Martha Stewart? I feel so typical and conformist, but I really love her colours lately.

I'm so surprised you're painting the ceiling, but it makes me laugh because that's my new thing this last month! - I just talked Shaner into it! We must have some sort of mystic thread attaching our brains.

Love your 2011 photos - cool how the sparkler illuminates you barely enough to see you back there. Good camera! :)

Mazing just noticed your comment. He read it four times and reread his thrice. hehe. We're all so silly. You made his day.

merelyLooking said...

Boo on goals! From now on I use January to reflect on what I accomplished *last* year! I survived! I did a little good. I tried to do no harm. Yay for me :)

Kristina said...

Here's another cabinet painting tip that I wish I'd known about when we painted ours: Gripper primer. It's apparently such awesome stuff that you won't need to sand!
Also, I showed your Christmas videos to my mom and she said, during the latest one, "She's very thin."

Daisy said...

I love your blog, husband's cinemaphotography and photography, and your design eye. Your mention of an "art wall" has me dying for a definition or picture. I am wanting to do something creative to display my children's art and maybe some photos of them. (Not sure if that what your art wall is, but any ideas are great!) Please do share sometime if you can.

Thanks for blogging!


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