101 Coast

When J and I were married twelve years ago, we spent our honeymoon driving down Highway 101 following the west coast shoreline. It was so scenic {and romantic, in an old-fashioned way} that we were eager to repeat the experience on our way home from Washington.

Except this time, we have four kids and a budget that hasn't grown with our waistlines, so we've been doing a lot of camping and having daily picnics on the beach.

It's been so beautiful. Washington and Oregon really don't get enough credit for their beaches.

Sure, the water is cold, but so is the water in California! I'm loving the soft sand, grey driftwood and hulking rocks jutting out of the surf.

Alas, there have also been a few reality checks. Twelve years ago, I learned that the scene in From Here To Eternity doesn't survive the transition to real life. This time I've learned that seaside picnics, while lovely and photogenic, also involve eating sandy food and searching for a place for your three-year-old to use the bathroom.

Still, it's been a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Um, or twice-in-lifetime, if you want to get technical. :)

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