Newport, Oregon

On our Honeymoon twelve years ago, we stayed in a B&B right on the Newport shore {and took pictures in front of lighthouses!}.

So as we drove thru on way to our camping spot by the sand dunes, I had a fit of nostalgia and asked J to stop so we could eat at the same fish and chips place where we had dinner together all those years ago.

We had no recollection of the name of the place, just a vague memory of it being across the street from a large mural and my impression that it "felt like eating in a kitchen"

After mistakenly driving across the bridge, we found Old Town Newport and walked down main street until we found the famous Mo's Chowder House. It was across from the mural and had a line out the door, but it just didn't look right....

So we kept on walking until I spotted large windows and a checkered floor-- this was it!

Success! We had our meal, gazed lovingly into each others eyes, and marveled at how different the experience was with four cute-but-oft-times-fighting little ones in tow.

We'll have to visit again in another twelve years-- by then, we'll likely reminisce about having children small enough to split two kids meals, be entertained by the tank of live crabs, and be talked out of dessert by being told that they only serve fish-eyeball ice cream at seafood restaurants. :)

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