Making Do

This morning, I noticed Little Miss C's backpack on the counter. The bottom was ripped across the entire length, rendering it useless. I asked, "How long has it been like this? How do you carry your stuff to school?" She shrugged and replied, "I wear it upside down!" That girl! She brings new meaning to the phrase, "Make do or do without."

So I dug out my old bag from college and emptied it for her to use. Among the contact sheets, photo paper, mechanical pencils and half filled binders was a stash of quarters I had hoarded for use on vending machines. Almost $10 worth! Several pounds of apples later and we're back in pie business-- just in the nick of time!

Even more cheering than fresh baked apple pie was the two-hour skype chat I had with my mom. Something about this time of year always makes me long for all the women in my life to gather for baking, movie watching, and talking while wearing high heels and aprons.

I mentioned that I switched out some of my art to make it more seasonal. Here's you're visual, mom. :)

I love the little christmas tree in a red rowboat.

And the little sailboat one reminds J of a picture he took in Nova Scotia where he's looking out at the ocean full of chunks of ice and a gigantic iceburg.

Oh, and my distraction for the day? I painted the boys room blue. A few weeks ago, I saw that Martha Stewart paint was being discontinued at Home Depot, so I snatched two gallons of Enamelware blue at a rock bottom price. It's similar to the blue on my front door {Martha Stewart's Artisan Well} but with a touch more green in it. {and that chalkboard used to be in the bathroom, but is now hiding the huge hole that J kicked in the door. Yup, still haven't gotten around to replacing it...}

Then I hung the laminated map I bought {I went with a different seller after the original admitted they couldn't/wouldn't send it in a tube}, had J help me change the twin beds into bunk beds, rearranged the furniture and gave them a mini reveal this afternoon.

It was hilarious how excited they were! Though I still have drapes to sew, pictures to hang, and {someday} carpet to rip out and replace with wood flooring, a simple paint job completely changed the look and feel of the room. {Real photos to come. This is just an iphone teaser.}

Now to tend to the rest of the house {ever notice how the entire place falls apart if you take your attention away for even a single day? I swear, laundry has overtaken the entire living room!} and then paint my mangled nails for Thanksgiving.

Have a Happy Holiday, everyone!


Rae said...

Love that room, love the artwork. you have lovely taste.

Creole Wisdom said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I'm with Rae, you have impeccable taste. Love those globes. Your girl is also brilliant, who would of thought that? What a good problem solver :)

merelyLooking said...

Aww! Don't even know where to start! Miss C is such a cutie pie; we're so proud of her. Any way to sew a big butterfly or something on the bottom of her old one? Tell her she would have made a good pioneer girl, just like Kirsten.

$10 in quarters! It's a Christmas Miracle! :) I'm still a sucker for those tender mercies.

Thank you for showing me your art shelf, it's lovely. I especially like the building with the one coloured window, and the sail boats amist the icebergs. Heavenly Father, the ocean is so big and my boat is so small...

Apis Melliflora said...

Love the Boys' room color! And your decorating touches too!

Finding lost money just makes the whole day seem magical.

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