What do you do to reward yourself? {or as Tom & Donna would say, Treat Yo Self!} Snuggle up with a carton of Ben & Jerry? Watch guilty-pleasure television? Buy clothes? I have to admit, I love all those things. But lately, my favorite way to treat myself is with new nail polish.

Last week, I bought a bottle of Essie's Master Plan {a nice grey similar to Chinchilly, but with less of a purple undertone} It feels neutral and edgy at the same time. Love it. For Thanksgiving, I think I'll brush on a bit of gold glitter, like so:

Other nail trends I'm loving: a glittery french manicure...

And these awesome {but expensive} chevron printed nails:

On a side note, sometime this year I officially released my death grip on silver and began to embrace gold, glitter and brass. What the what? I thought warm metals would be forever banned from my home and wardrobe! What can I say? I blame peer pressure. :)


Apis Melliflora said...

I wish I had the patience and the carefulness for painted nails. But I have neither. I only get them for weddings because I know they'll chip within 24 hours.
My favorite is the gradient gray.

Jessica West Judkins said...

I would totally paint my nails on the daily if I didn't crochet so much so it chips.

Miggy said...

I'm a treats--as in chocolate and ice cream--and shopping kind of gal. So I gave myself a challenge of no sweets until Thanksgiving, but I'm thinking I might need an emergency ice cream run....it was a tough day.

It's nice to have my nails painted and looking good, but I never get that fancy. I like clear or classic red...and the occasional black. Hmmmm...maybe I'll go paint my nails.

Kristina said...

When I saw that "Treat Yo Self" sign I laughed. I personally prefer lifelike Batman suits... Actually, my favorites are Diet Dr. Pepper with vanilla from Sonic, a hot bath, and a good book.
Enjoy your indulgence!

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