On Friday, J and I borrowed his parent's tandem bike and went for a long ride. In part, we recreated our very first date; riding through the same intersections to the same park, and reminiscing about our first picnic lunch on our way to our favorite gelato shop. The weather was perfect, the air was crisp and the stars were bright. Fresh air + physical activity + ice cream = romantic, invigorating date. :)

Unfortunately, we had to come home a bit early when the babysitter called to tell us Miss C was sick and throwing up. :( Poor girl was ill all weekend, and I ended up staying home from church on Sunday to nurse her back to health. Ironically, the fact that we devoted a large portion of our weekend to the kids made our brief date all the more valuable!

How on earth did we ever survive without Friday night dates?

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Nicole Marie said...

life of being parents. glad you had that little time together though

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