It's Friday once again!

Currently, I'm making bread, nursing my sore muscles {running 10 miles is on the agenda for tomorrow}, enjoying overcast skies, and looking forward to our date tonight {I'm thinking a gourmet bakery, window shopping and brainstorming ideas for this year's Christmas video.}

What about you? Any grand plans for {or superstitions regarding} 11-11-11? Have a happy weekend, all!

PS- I bought the Darth Vader costume for $4 on clearance, and E hasn't taken it off since. It makes me laugh to see Lord Vader lounging on my sofa whining about being bored. :)


Hannah Q. Parris said...

My husband just got back from an out-of-town conference, and the local university has tickets to the basketball team's season opener for $1! I love a cheap date!

Singin' Heart said...

Man I don't miss running 10 miles. The only thing, for me, is I feel so proud of myself for actually running that far and feeling like I could run further after I'm done.
Way to go, you athlete you!

Crys said...

I love this picture.

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