Thanksgiving Tree

For the last week or so, E has been increasingly distressed by the fact that Christmas decorations have made an appearance in stores even though Thanksgiving has yet to be checked off the calendar. "Why is everyone skipping Thanksgiving?" he implores. "Why are we skipping Thanksgiving?" When I tried to convince him that we are not, in fact, skipping Thanksgiving, he demanded to see our Thanksgiving decorations. Apparently, a holiday isn't actually being celebrated unless decorations accompany it.

So I took him with me on some back roads and we gathered dry branches and leaves to make a Thanksgiving tree. We painted all the leaves silver, wrote things we were thankful for, and hung them on the branches to remind us for the rest of the month.

I know this isn't a new concept {My sister-in-law has been doing this for years, and I've seen it all over the blogosphere} but it was new to our household and satisfied E. {and yes, I know I misspelled binoculars. Ooops.}

How do you decorate for Thanksgiving?

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Em said...

I love this idea.

I definitely know the feeling of being strapped these days. I suppose we are all in company with one another in the current economy. Here's to a new year coming, and the opportunity to more fully appreciate what we already have: family, home and chocolate. (and binoculars!) :)

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