Mad Men Party

In the course of a single month, friends, neighbors and strangers alike filled our cupboards, stockings and hearts. Full of gratitude and love {but unable to thank most who helped anonymously} I channeled all my joy into throwing a Mad Men New Year's Party. 

I started by making and delivering invitations {here}, then stocked up our mocktail bar. I made a menu of optional drinks {I found a lot of them here} and purchased a martini shaker, which I was ridiculously pleased with. :)

Next: plenty of juices, sodas, mixers, mineral water and garnishes so people could experiment and create their own. Luckily, we already had an inexplicably large selection of martini, wine, highball and lowball glasses-- and if I'd thought about it more, I could have been authentically Mad Men and had Little Miss C serving us drinks all night. {kidding!!}

J and I bought a few LIFE magazines from the 1960's, and tore out most of the ads to use as decorations {even the bathroom was full of them!}. I had fun putting little references to Mad Men all over the place, like Don Draper's "Why I'm Quitting Tobacco" letter and a bunch of Lucky Strike ads. 

Even though we were the only couple amid our group of friends that actually watches the show {we're evil, I know}, they all came decked out and rocked 1960's fashion. I was very impressed, especially with the elaborate hairstyles! We have the most awesome friends.

For the centerpiece: I painted one of those 3D puzzles of the Empire State Building, and hung glittery stars and tinsel everywhere. We had J's parents' high school yearbooks to flip through and J put together an amazing playlist of both music and youtube clips {vintage ads, super 8 films, and oddities} that set the mood perfectly. {Also, I wanted to pass out these bubble gum cigarettes as party favors, but it cost too much for last minute shipping. Drat!}

My mom was a little girl in the 60's and remembers her parents throwing cocktail parties {as well as finishing off their drinks when they weren't looking...} I asked what I should serve and she said, "Definitely fudge and Chex Mix!" Grandma used to make fudge in a round pan, then let mom and her sister eat the scraps after she'd cut out the squares. 

I used this 3 minute fudge recipe and added walnuts and marshmallows to half the batch. Despite how easy it was to make, it was very good. We also had deviled eggs, mini toast with sour cream, chives and caviar {a surprise hit! Everyone ate it-- even the pregnant ladies!} and meatballs marinated in apple butter. Oh, and jello in a jello mold, of course!!

Once everyone had a drink in hand and had talked a while, we took a short quiz on ad slogans from the 1960's and tried to match them up with the products they sold. {I found the quiz here} Our winner walked away the proud owner of Mad Men paper dolls

After a quick outfit change {baby R got sick... My dress is off to the dry cleaner}, we spent the rest of the night playing cards, gawking at the baffling ads J found {Fred Flintstone smoking Winston cigarettes!} and playing with sparklers. 

We didn't go to bed until 3 a.m. but it was well worth it!

Thanks to all who came-- it was so fun, I only wish I'd thrown a soiree sooner! {Next up: an Oscar Night Party?}

 Happy New Year everyone!


Singin' Heart said...

You are SO stickin cute!!! How I would have loved to be at your soiree!!! You look fabulous {as always}. The 60's is so you!!
Awesome job and what a wonderful way to thank people. If I had thought of it (my poor about to burst prego brain) I have a ton of ridiculously funny adds from the 60's but I bet you were fine with what you had. I'm glad you liked the 3 minute fudge - easy AND tasty perfect combo.
Love you girl and miss you like crazy. We will be within driving distance soon - how long have I been saying that ;)

The Dragonfly said...

Perfection in a party? I think so. Every detail thought out and executed with precision and style. Classic, retro, cool.

Creole Wisdom said...

This is incredible. You are a bonafide Betty :)

I laugh about serving drinks, which I did for my dad growing up and so did many of my friends :) It's amazing what seemed "normal" is absolutely not acceptable in my opinion!

Tru Stories said...

I am two weeks into a hard core Netflix Mad Men Marathon, the likes of which are pretty sad for the state of my mothering.... I CAN NOT get enough of it.
I'd like just 4 of Betty's dresses.. not the drunk cheating husband but the dresses for sure.

My secret fav part of the series?? The little things... the littering, the kids playing in the dry cleaning bag... all those crazy things.

JeanetteH said...

It was a great night. Thanks for having us! We would LOVE to get together again! It's only taken us HOW MANY YEARS for this?!?! :) Maybe a 70s party next?

hAha said...

Great party! So glad u got the dress in time:) though I cringe at the accident, I guess that's what comes with a traveling dress:) I wish we could have come! You'll have to give us your mocktail recipes...Shane has been wanting to do a mocktail party forever! Love it all! You are one sexy babe! Miss you! Love you!

Miggy said...

Perfection. Down to the last detail. You NAILED it.


You should be in charge of my parties.

merelyLooking said...

Primo shindig! Real gone! Where the heck did you get that cool tv? And I'd love to see the clip J put together - save it. I'd also luv to see a full shot of the sisterhood dress (pre-baby urps :) Honestly, what a perfect event, head to toe. I'll have to have Singin Heart post a picture of our whirlwind non-stop New Year's party! Actually, we had a real good time and so far C & P respect us enough to act like they did, too. :) I have always hesitated to go full out on mocktails, but it looked absolutely fun! And just pure fun, if you know what I mean. And that was the perfect "mormon" touch having Don's tobacco speech printed up, lol! Your painted Empire State Building against the back drop of the Mad Men 1962 theme made me think of "A Summer Place" movie quote I remember from clear back when I first saw it when I was 12ish - "I've seen it. He dies in the end. It's very sad." - remind me to tell you why on our next call :)

LisAway said...

Oh. My. Wow. THAT is what I call a party. So awesome.

Now I'm off to read about Mad Men and find out why you're so evil. We watch Breaking Bad, which makes us very evil (I've told myself I was going to stop watching it a few times, it's so bad but definitely the most amazing series we've ever seen. Every detail is just awesome. Except the parts that make it NOT rated PG.)

Apis Melliflora said...

I love all the 50's hair and dress-ups! Whew! It was a lot of work being a woman in the 50's.

Glad you rang in the new year with your trademark flair and with a heart full of gratitude.

May 2012 be a year filled with blessings and growth for your family.

Apis Melliflora said...

Oh, Mad Men is 1960s then? Well, same comment holds true.

MelancholySmile said...

Thanks everyone! I wish you all lived close so we could party together. :) Tru- Doesn't that scene with Betty shaking off the picnic blanket crack you up? What a different world! And when she catches Sally smoking, she reprimands her 'cause she could have caught the house on fire, not because she shouldn't want to smoke. :) I can't help it, I love that show.

Mom, we got the TV last year on craigslist. J bought it especially to use as a prop in our Christmas video. It's the same TV you see in the opening titles.

hAha- I promise, the dress is in great condition! Sorry for the cringe-factor. :(

Jennifer said...

You're just too freakin' adorable! I love everything about this - truly.

lesa said...

Wow, looks like lots of fun!

Amber - Binkertation said...

super ridiculously awesome idea!! My hubby and I are Mad Men lovers and I might have to steal this for our upcoming birthday... hmmm - love it!

creativedisarray said...

Love it! Looks like it was a great party. The white painted Lego Empire State Bldng was such a nice touch.

The Queen Vee said...

I love your attention to detail.

Your party looks visually perfect.

So nice to read that you and your guests had fun.

I think if I'd been there I might have won the paper dolls.

I'm really happy you couldn't afford the fake cigarettes.

AzĂșcar said...

SO FUN! I'm thrilled you could use my post to help throw such a bang-out party. Happy New Year, indeed! Bottoms up!

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