It's all fun and games until....

Last weekend, our neighborhood held their annual Halloween Spooktacular. The event took us by surprise this year {two weeks before the holiday? Whaaaat?} so I was scrambling to finish costumes. By the skin of my teeth, I was able to get the kids decked out, but J and I were left uncharacteristically costume-less. I felt so self-consciously un-festive!

The evening was fun in a Disneyland sort of way; Which is to say that it began with excitement, quickly gave way to overstimulation, and ended with tears. ;)

By the time we wrestled everyone into the car:

  • Little Miss C was wailing because she'd had two sno-cones but only rode one ride. 
  • E was crying because he'd gone on all the rides but didn't get any sno-cones. 
  • L was blubbering that it wasn't fair that he couldn't wear his costume in the car {he can't sit down in it}, 
  • and Baby R, who had been melting down for the 20 minutes previous, sank into his car seat with relief when he realized we were finally headed home. 
  • J spent the 1 mile drive threatening to never take the kids to another party again, 
  • and I was so tired that I sent the lot of them to bed with sticky hands and mouths dyed red and blue. 

{Please tell me this sounds familiar!} Of course, a year from now, our selective memories will have painted the whole event as delightful and wholesome. Funny how some of our best family-bonding-experiences require a great deal of forgetting. :)

I'm still finishing up costumes before All Hallows Eve. Pictures to come soon!


The Dragonfly said...

Been there, done that, survived it but barely. :)

LisAway said...

What a pleasure that was to read, and a relief to not have experienced. :) Still, it sounds like the substance of family life all concentrated into a couple of hours. It's mostly fun and great, but the bad parts sometimes make you wonder if it's worth it. :) Of course it is, though!

Can't wait to see your costumes this year!!

Apis Melliflora said...

Your description of Disney is spot on. What a relief to get them all in bed and know that tomorrow is a new day!

Crys said...

Oh dear, I don't look forward to dealing with the holidays as a lone woman. I have a feeling Alfred will tire of his costume in about 20 minutes and then just want to be held or yell, while my other two will outshine my energy 100%

Still I am excited, it can't be helped.

Nicole said...

Now that we've hit four kids I feel the same way and I keep telling myself to never attempt these types of things alone, yet I still manage to somehow, remind myself to never do it again, then the agony wears off and we attempt it again:). I've been trying to drag the kids to activities and museums only to realize it might not be worth it if crying, complaining and shot nerves are the result! Excited for your costumes and Halloween spirit!

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