Before & Afters

This post is completely random, {and yet totally real in its this-is-what-I-did-this-weekend kind of way}  filled with poorly framed, terribly lit iphone photos to boot! But it's too much to share over Instagram, so here we go. :)

As I mentioned before, J's home office is becoming the family project room; so we've moved his computer into the main living area. Unfortunately, even without the big-screen TV in the shot, this made the living room look like The House of Screens

I decided to eliminate the kid's computer {on the left} and cover the two lampshades in matching fabric {Thomas Paul's Dahlia in Aegean} to unify the space. I also added white drapes to the smaller window to lighten things up. 


The Family Computer Station before:

The Family Computer Station after:

Side note-- I'm still working on adding color to the lamp on the right, am painting the side table on the left, and plan to replace the desk chair with this one:

And while the main wall is still in progress, here's a mini before:

And after:

Already it feels lighter, but I really can't wait to hang the TV on the wall and replace the console with a huge line of these awesome drawers that my Dad scored for me:

I'm going to add library pulls to them and they're going to look sa-weet!

Next up: building an ottoman. How was your weekend?


The Dragonfly said...

I am coveting those drawers in a really bad way. But I'm happy you have them. No I'm not. Yes I am. :)

All the changes look great!

Crys said...

How fun! Much needed spring changes!

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