Happiest City on Earth

This year, J has been traveling all over the world for work. {I was especially jealous when he flew to Hawaii and Australia!} Months ago, he and his film team decided that they wanted to take their spouses on the last big trip of the year, so we all booked tickets and made hotel arrangements in London.

And then J and I separated.

I agonized for a long time over what to do about the trip. There was a substantial rebooking fee if I cancelled, and part of the allure of the trip was that so much would be paid for by J's company. Still, the thought of all that time together sounded uncomfortable at best and murderously painful at worst. After thought and prayer, I found a compromise:

I'll spend a few days in London while J works. We'll see each other at the hotel, and that's it. Ships that pass in the night. Then, for the same cost it would have taken to rebook tickets, I'll fly to Malmo, Sweden for 2 days and cross the bridge to Copenhagen, Denmark for 3 more.

I can't tell you how excited I am!

I leave in 2 weeks and have already purchased flights, hostels, and made a list of design museums, Nordic Noir sights, and have a goal to swim in the ocean and heat up in a suana, but would love to hear any suggestions!

Have you been? Where would you eat? What would you do? Any tips for traveling solo? And how do you dress to stay warm and dry while only packing a carry-on bag?

And while I've been to London before, the same applies there. I know I want to see Baker Street, Tate Modern, and Oxford, but what else is a must-do?

Thanks in advance!



Anna said...

Go to Design Sponge (blog) it has locals write posts about the best stuff in their city. Check the country listing under places. Hope it helps.

Crystal Hansen said...

Soooo jealous. Jones and I are going to New York together right before we leave. I'll have to let that ease my jealousy, a little. :) Maybe I can pay you to bring me back something pretty!!??!

Maureen Taylor said...

Have a wonderful time!

Emily said...

I haven't made it overseas (yet!) but I've been bookmarking lots of London recommendations from Everyday Reading. While some of their outings with young kids won't apply, she shares lots of foodie info too. http://www.everyday-reading.com/search/label/London

Naomi said...

I haven't actually been to Denmark, but I would love to go shopping there. I just discovered Tiger Stores while I was in Verona a couple weeks ago and wish they had one in the US. They are based in Denmark. Look for the 3 packs of socks and be warned, there are 3 socks, not 3 pairs of socks. The other store I would love to visit in Denmark is Bungalow. They inspired my Etsy shop because I couldn't get their boxes in the US. For our recent trip we did make it to England, but we didn't end up making Oxford and I regret it now that the Amazing Race showed it on their last episode. So beautiful! If you're in London, I recommend a walk through St. James Park, that was my favorite. It was on the way between Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. Am I completely too late? I think maybe you already went.

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