'Baby' L is now 2 1/2 years old. He's ready for a real bed, but for the moment we've just removed the side from the crib and converted it into a kind of toddler bed. Unfortunately, that left no place for the new baby to sleep.

Then I saw this cradle on Craigslist {just down the road!} and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.
I've had mediocre results with painting furniture. Spray paint always seemed to drip or be unevenly glossy, but rollers and brushes are hard to maneuver around small pieces like slats on a cradle. Then I read this post on Little Green Notebook and decided to give spray painting another try.

I disassembled the cradle into three pieces. Then I tacked small nails along the bottom before setting the pieces on cardboard {so it wouldn't stick, and I'd still be able to paint the underside}. Four cans of Rust-Oleum Lacquer and two coats of wipe-on poly later, I had a totally new cradle!

Now for the bedding:

I couldn't find any white cradle bumpers-- only ecru, which was far too yellow and sickly looking. So I bought this crib bumper, which came in four separate pieces. This allowed me to take just the two long pieces, cut off the ties {which were too thick and caterpillar-like} and replace them with black grosgrain ribbon.

During this entire process, Little Miss C was heavily skeptical. "Black?" she'd question, "That so..... depressing." She changed her mind when she saw this:

I think it looks nice and classic, right at home the corner of our bedroom. Next came the Flensted Swallow Mobile that I've been wanting since I was preggo with L:

When it first arrived, I was a bit disappointed. It was smaller than I expected, and made out of paper which seemed rather flimsy. The white and red wasn't nearly as prominent as the website's photo suggested. But I hung it anyway, and all doubts evaporated. It moves perfectly, and has become one of my favorite things in the room.

Today I added a few clouds cut from watercolor paper. Just a touch of whimsy. Next up: the nursing/reading chair corner!


The Dragonfly said...

Looks fantastic - perfect for a melancholy baby!

Crys said...

I am loving all the stuff you are doing, maybe you should be nine months prego w/o J more often ;) Seriously though, loving it all. Your'e Smaziing.

ohio12 said...

I love the whole thing, but especially the bumper. Miss C 's comment made me remember that when I was 5 and my mom was expecting, she sewed the baby's whole room in brown material with tiny white polka dots. I was horrified! Of course, I thought it should be pink or pastel. But I think brown may have been popular in 1979. And in 2005 I did my daughter's room in green toile..so I guess the mommy gets to decide what she likes right?

Miggy said...

Looks fantastic. Great job!

hukolb said...

Wow! You must be in quite the nesting mood! It all looks great, the crib (we did the same thing and took off the side as a toddler bed, now baby is in the pack n play, not as aesthetically pleasing as yours:). I still do love the black and white. Wish my nursing/reading corner was as inviting. Thanks for the great ideas, maybe our next baby will get the same treatment as we hope we'll be nearing the end of training and can decorate a real house! Or we'll just have to have you come visit! Good luck this week, I definitely know how it is without the husband! Hang in there, it too shall pass! and the only thing that helps me is that distance really does make the heart grow fonder, though man was not meant to be alone for sure!

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