Test Tube Obsession


Science has always been chic in my book, but lately I'm in love with test tube racks. They're surprisingly expensive-- even the new, plastic ones sell for quite a bit-- but I keep my eye out for a nice vintage wire or wooden rack with a nice patina. I dream of finding one in a forgotten corner of a garage sale for $5.


Of course, with Halloween on its way, test tube racks enjoy an added appeal. Fill them with mysterious contents, label them with scientific hang tags and cover with cobwebs. Done!


If I don't find something suitable soon, I may attempt to go the DIY route. I like the above rack that's made to look aged-- It's simple and streamlined and completely doable. 


But then there is this-- test tubes all strung together, allowing them to be arranged in all kinds of formations. It figures that my favorite is completely non-DIY friendly, not to mention the most expensive. {I saw it at Dree's in Olympia for over $100.}


If I get desperate, there's always the z-rack. I've found it as cheap as $17 online, and it would look cool as a pencil holder.

Still, I dream of that perfectly aged test tube rack sitting neglected in a thrift store....

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The Wingnut's said...

oh my goodness. who would have thought test tubes could look so appealing? i must find me some! thank you for sharing.

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